Anushka Tay

I am a researcher, writer, musician and maker based in London, UK

Music is the food of life, and cloth dresses those passing through

dress + diaspora

I research the changing ways in which clothing communicates culture, ethnicity, race, and individual & group identities. 

I am currently a Techne-AHRC PhD student at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. I am researching Chinoiserie fashion design and Chinese diaspora fashions, particularly the dress histories of the British Chinese from 1945-present day.

words + music

I play the piano, cello, and sing. As song-writer and composer, I have written music for bands, performance art, theatre and film. I have performed solo and in many ensembles including collectives, choirs, jazz bands, & orchestras. I work in a long-standing creative partnership with the composer Francis Botu.

I have taught piano, music theory, composition & improvisation to pupils aged from 5-65.

make + do

I am a compulsive knitter, a regular mender of clothing, and am passionate about sustainable textile practices. A former costume designer & maker, I now spread my love of everyday making through my business and YouTube channel, The Crimson Stitchery.