A surprise from Denmark

Early birthday presents

It was with quite a bit of delight when during last week’s insane time of freelancing and illness, a parcel popped in through my letterbox. It was from my dear friend Dorte in Copenhagen, an early birthday present. Every year, I send her a package full of tea, as you apparently cannot find plain breakfast tea in Denmark (PG Tips as a luxury import!). I posted her parcel as a rather late birthday present; and got an unexpected and early gift in return!

A curious colour

Dorte sent me a hank of yarn which was produced, from sheep to skein, in a village close to where she grew up. It is the most curious colour, in between green and grey. The texture is slightly coarse, with a long staple, and not too dissimilar from the previous Danish yarn that I bought when I visited her in Copenhagen last year. (Alas, still not knitted up…)

Hand wound

Just one skein, so I managed to wind it up without too much fuss. Now to ponder on what to make with it, since there was no indication of the yardage. A hat is the obvious answer, but I’d really like to squeeze a pair of autumn gloves out of it. Any suggestions?



    • Unfortunately this one is much heavier than my other Danish yarn. Stranding is a good idea though, I may have to search for a British-available companion yarn!

  1. How lovely! And I finally learned what PG Tips was since I’ve been dating a Brit! He brought a box home for me in December, and I’ve been determined to join the Cuppa Club ever since! ;)

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