Inspiration: geometric crochet

My flat has a severe lack of cushions. This is hardly a bad thing for a keen crafter; but there are almost too many ideas and choices out there to make! I’ve decided to whip up a few more in crochet, and hope to be able to use up some of my yarn stash in the process. At the moment I feel very inspired by the use of limited colour palettes with a bright focus colour, and cushions involving geometric shapes. Here are some particularly interesting ones I found from Pinterest…


bc0abb3913f41abc8294df30a5647c86-1 from Zibbet via Pinterest

A totally perfect cushion! Grey is my neutral shade of choice, so I love this with the little olive hint.

3d1ab9d2ae01b6edcd83f7d299aaab38from 3 Sheets via Pinterest

Totally love this triangular collage of crochet!

f3ea8f347f100b0408c8d2f1e503c3a1from 3 Sheets

Great colours on these cushions, though personally I would use less coral pink and maybe more grey.

55ebd9f0ce186b7e58abb7a19336769efrom Paravent on Etsy, via Pinterest

This one really is entirely perfect. That olive green and steel grey, and the snatch of red. It’s also available as a pattern download, which makes things easy!


91a39d15faa35b1fa8c7b7b53afba0ddfrom Pinterest

This project would be easy to make since I already know this stitch pattern. I like the light grey and white colour combination too, which  makes it look fresh

92a3e5bb62867e4d935a5330ed3aeed4from Happygreenstudio on Etsy, via Pinterest

They look great in yellow! (and you can buy them ready-made..)

from House of Hemp on Etsy, via Pinterest

These are incredibly simple; but something about the considered colour choice within the flat, uniform texture of crochet cotton is quite wonderful.


d0becec13f846b02d4b32cb381eb98d4from Versponnenes

I LOVE these, especially when worked in starker colours so that they don’t resemble flowers. They could look like coral or sea urchins instead. I don’t think I’m experienced enough to figure out the stitch pattern though… (any ideas??)


from Pinterest 

These look the same, but show the underside being plain (good idea..). The cotton-candy colours are not for me though: way too twee.

3047b4eef898b7a145992ac57efb59d5from Vamp Furniture

Also amazing, especially the colours and the way that the stitch pattern holds light and shadow in the texture. Again, I’ve no idea how to replicate this stitch pattern. (Advice would be most welcome, as I’m rather a crochet beginner!)

8a869dbb2ecd17a7b063cb9400a4137dfrom Red Heart

This one would look really great in a darker colour, I think it would make it more modern-looking. Luckily, there’s a pattern available for this one!

8956e2fc2a3ac1c4a08c17d837707e1cfrom La Casa de Coto on Etsy, via Pinterest

I always loved oversized crochet and knit; although here it’s more the rug which caught my eye than the pouffe…

02f7654f1a800a63efea0f073b2827ecfrom Pinterest (apparently a shot from a Toast catalogue)

These are really simple but the styling is so good, and I just adore the use of chartreuse with dark grey. I also like the granny square blanket in a single colour, with that blanket stitch trim.


Now I’ve whittled it down to a few ideas, my next conundrum is procuring all the right materials for a clean, elegant finish at low cost. Most of these cushions would look best in plain, flat cottons.

Please do share any ideas for patterns you might recommend in the comments!




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