A red hood for the Autumn, and filmic requests

Hooded scarf WIP

I’ve finally made a real dent into this project: a hooded scarf in garter stitch, which will be ready for this Autumn! I’m quite terrible with getting projects done on time; but rather than regard them as being finished late, I say to myself that I’m making them six months ahead of the seasons! This is a version of my hooded scarf pattern which was published in last year’s Autumn edition of ‘Pom Pom Quarterly’ magazine. I’m making it up in the yarn I’d originally intended the project to be in: this beautiful shade of red wool, which is New Lanark Chunky that I bought in Glasgow last year.

I absolutely love the texture of garter stitch, but it does get a bit boring to knit. Finishing up this rather repetitive project has incurred a lot of movie watching and I’ve got through ‘Ginger & Rosa’, ‘The Squid and the Whale’ and ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ in an afternoon.

I normally watch ‘old’ movies or films which relate to whatever project I’m researching; so would love to have any recommendations for other films I could add to my to-watch list.

What would you suggest I watch next?

And do you tend to finish projects for the right season, or lag behind (or ahead!) like me?




  1. So gorgeous, I love the vibrancy of the red!

    As for me and projects, I tend to start them during the same season, then I either put them aside to work on something else, or get frustrated, and it’s already the next season, so I have to work on them again in a year! I’m really bad with sewing ADD, although I am working on trying to get better and focus on one project at a time.

    Re: movies, I am a fan of the classics and costume dramas myself, so don’t really have any recommendations there, although I did just finish the first season of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (it’s on instant watch on Netflix) and loved it!

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