New Year, new ashes

Edinburgh Fireworks 2013/14
New Year’s fireworks, Edinburgh

When a love affair is over, there comes a lull during which one is once more aware of friends and passers-by, of things constantly happening as they do in a vivid, crowded dream. Once again, one is conscious of normal feelings such as fear, gaiety and boredom; once again time exists and registers its flight…
– ‘Bella-Vista’ by Colette

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

Sadly, just as I was entering into a period of unparalleled happiness and prominent creativity (and frequent blog posting!), something really terrible happened. I returned to the UK and have spent the past month recovering.

Part of re-adjusting to life resulted in my taking a job very last minute and I found myself on the train up to Edinburgh less than 24 hours after the official phone call! I stayed there for 3 weeks, flitting around over Christmas and celebrating New Year’s with the most open and welcoming company that I have yet experienced.

I didn’t really get to do any of my usual Edinburgh things (multiple art galleries, charity shops, hours in Armstrong’s, cafés…) but I loved what I was doing: working as the wigs assistant on a delightful Christmas show filled with jazz standards and amazing period wigs. So I can now do multiple variations on a 1950s hair set!

I still have a backlog of photos and things to write about China…It might take me a while to get round to it as they hold slightly traumatic memories. But my aim in 2014 is to write more, and have a wonderful time.

Thank you for (still!) staying with me, in spite of everything.





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