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Last week Kat and I managed to get tickets to see a performance of ‘Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales’ at Shoreditch Town Hall. I’ve had an active interest in the tellings and re-tellings of the cannon of European fairy tales for a long, long time; so this performance was an absolute treat. We were given wristbands, […]

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Spotted by the Regent’s Canal in Camden - this waterside townhouse bearing the most magnificent display of wisteria that I’ve ever seen. It was amazingly striking: hugely dramatic blooms on a massive scale bearing individual petals of astonishing delicacy. I was mooching along with F. after having been dazzled by all the different varieties of lavender for sale […]


I’m a big lover of front gardens. I know that this is a very British thing, really defined by social conventions; after all, the front garden technically exists mostly for other people. But for me, there’s nothing more depressing than walking down the street towards your home, surrounded by a vista of concrete, debris and […]

Open salad lunch

When I’m working from home I can get into really bad habits, such as not leaving the house all day, or neglecting to feed myself properly. Today I managed to fashion a surprisingly filling lunch from not many ingredients in the fridge: salad, humus, tzatziki, pickles, and halloumi on toast. Lunch breaks mean swapping from reading […]

Red flower puffs cushion

Here’s another project that’s been hanging round for about 14 months! I finally finished putting together this cushion which is firmly and definitely for myself: after completing two other cushions in this flower puff crochet pattern as gifts, it was time to make one to keep. It just took a really long time to finish. […]

Crochet present for Anna

I was having a glance through my photos, and amongst HUNDREDS of other travel shots that I never wrote about nestled these snaps of a present I made for my aunt’s birthday in November. I think it’s always lovely receive luxurious hand soap. The luxury is heightened in that it’s something that you literally wash […]


Whilst I was in Malaysia I discovered a wonderful phenomenon, one that exists in many other countries around the world, but sadly not mine…I’m talking about Daiso, the chain of Japanese pound shops. The currency changes per country, of course, but basically everything works out to be £1 (in this case it was 5 ringgit, and […]