Red flower puffs cushion

Here’s another project that’s been hanging round for about 14 months! I finally finished putting together this cushion which is firmly and definitely for myself: after completing two other cushions in this flower puff crochet pattern as gifts, it was time to make one to keep. It just took a really long time to finish. […]

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Crochet present for Anna

I was having a glance through my photos, and amongst HUNDREDS of other travel shots that I never wrote about nestled these snaps of a present I made for my aunt’s birthday in November. I think it’s always lovely receive luxurious hand soap. The luxury is heightened in that it’s something that you literally wash […]


Whilst I was in Malaysia I discovered a wonderful phenomenon, one that exists in many other countries around the world, but sadly not mine…I’m talking about Daiso, the chain of Japanese pound shops. The currency changes per country, of course, but basically everything works out to be £1 (in this case it was 5 ringgit, and […]

Anushka by Anne Bernecker

Photograph by Anne Bernecker Dear Readers, Sorry for going offcoms again!  (One day, I won’t have to write sentences like these any more…) Things behind the scenes chez Anushka have been a bit difficult lately, but I’ve made it my goal to start writing more regularly again from now on. Last week Sara and I […]

Rocco at the Tate

It’s been a while since I posted my Instagram pics on here! In March I enjoyed Instagramming photos from my travels in February, my time in Bali at the beginning of the month, and of re-starting life in London since getting back. Lanterns, Hoi An streets Lantern shop, Hoi An Long Life and Double Happiness […]

At Columbia Road

  Ah, Columbia Road Flower Market…a favourite London haunt for bloggers as well as gardeners. It’s that time of year when I find myself walking up to my abode and realising that it is surrounded by weeds that I’ve managed to ignore for the past X months – and with not a pretty bloom in sight! The past two […]

Hoi An Lanterns

One of the most charming facets of Hoi An that the visitor cannot fail to delight in, is the strings of multi-coloured silk lanterns which are hung all over the town. Walking around the streets, look up to see brightly-coloured orbs of all colours hanging above your head. Not just the stereotypical red silk globe […]