Black cat

So good to come home from work and find this fellow ready to greet me. I have been trying to lure this cat towards me for months; it’s frequently seen slouching round the back of the garden, but has resisted coming closer until this moment. I’m trying to force myself to learn how to use a […]

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jewels from the garden

After doing so much travelling recently, I was quite happy to make the decision not to take a summer holiday and spend the season in the city instead. And who has known a summer quite like this? I do idyllic, London things: swimming in the pond in Hampstead Heath; cycling to Richmond Park to see […]

Brighton - South Laines

Last Monday was my birthday! This year I turned a vey nondescript twenty-something age; but I had one of the nicest birthdays in years. Pre-birthday, I had a weekend filled with celebrations of various kinds with lots of family and friends, whereby I was having far too much of a good time to think about taking […]

You boar me

  I had a wonderful time at Chiswick car boot sale last week; here are just a few snaps I took of the atmosphere. It’s not so easy to casually find vintage and second-hand bargains in our fair city, so I’ve been meaning to check out a car boot for a while. I went with the […]

Bow tunic

I decided to try out a smaller project from ‘Feminine Wardrobe’ by Jinko Matsumoto to test out the patterns and instructions in Japanese sewing books, before starting one of the more-involved clothing patterns. I chose the ‘Giant Bow-Tie Tunic’ (pattern A1) and made it up as a late birthday present for my aunt. I thought […]

Sewing ideas

Considering that it is now July, and I am only just writing a post about Me Made May, it is quite safe to say that however good my intentions were I have utterly failed at Me Made May this year. I had never entered the challenge before (in previous years I was preoccupied with university, […]

Japanese Sewing Books

I only recently discovered the wealth of beautiful and modern sewing pattern books out there. In particular is a small but growing selection of Japanese sewing books published in English. As you would expect, they are a stunning collection with exquisite styling, so distinctly un-European in the shapes and lines; and well-considered detail. After a […]