Anushka's Little Red Snood

What irony – and after my last gushing post, summer in London seemed to come to an abrupt end. The wind is cold, the skies are cloudy, and I even got caught in a painful hail storm whilst cycling at the weekend! My woollen hand knits have been brought back out of the back of my […]

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Jumping on the bikes and heading south-west is becoming one of my favourite things to do under the gorgeous summer sun. This little trip felt especially good, as we discovered a ream of private gardens lining the river that we could jump up on our peddles to peek and peer into. Oh, to be rich! […]

Red cushions

I’ve been doing a little bit of sewing for the flat recently – it’s so much faster than crochet! Lately I whipped up some cushions, which are photographed not in their uber-messy habitat of the sofa, but on our pretty blue garden bench. My boy-friend’s mum mentioned that she has been planning to make some […]


A beautiful month of summer in my home city; gardens, cycling, and lots of time in the sun. July was very good indeed. Eating paté on toast with rocket picked freshly from the garden. Francis got a fancy new lense for his camera, which made our garden look unrecognisably good! This rose looks almost un-real. […]


Hooray for a finished project! I’m quite amazed that I’ve actually managed to complete something to be ready for the time it was intended for…since my typical behaviour is to start sewing something, then not get round to finishing it for about 14 months. This is a second version of a 1950s dress which I […]

Black cat

So good to come home from work and find this fellow ready to greet me. I have been trying to lure this cat towards me for months; it’s frequently seen slouching round the back of the garden, but has resisted coming closer until this moment. I’m trying to force myself to learn how to use a […]

jewels from the garden

After doing so much travelling recently, I was quite happy to make the decision not to take a summer holiday and spend the season in the city instead. And who has known a summer quite like this? I do idyllic, London things: swimming in the pond in Hampstead Heath; cycling to Richmond Park to see […]