Brighton - South Laines

Last Monday was my birthday! This year I turned a vey nondescript twenty-something age; but I had one of the nicest birthdays in years. Pre-birthday, I had a weekend filled with celebrations of various kinds with lots of family and friends, whereby I was having far too much of a good time to think about taking […]

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You boar me

  I had a wonderful time at Chiswick car boot sale last week; here are just a few snaps I took of the atmosphere. It’s not so easy to casually find vintage and second-hand bargains in our fair city, so I’ve been meaning to check out a car boot for a while. I went with the […]

Bow tunic

I decided to try out a smaller project from ‘Feminine Wardrobe’ by Jinko Matsumoto to test out the patterns and instructions in Japanese sewing books, before starting one of the more-involved clothing patterns. I chose the ‘Giant Bow-Tie Tunic’ (pattern A1) and made it up as a late birthday present for my aunt. I thought […]

Sewing ideas

Considering that it is now July, and I am only just writing a post about Me Made May, it is quite safe to say that however good my intentions were I have utterly failed at Me Made May this year. I had never entered the challenge before (in previous years I was preoccupied with university, […]

Japanese Sewing Books

I only recently discovered the wealth of beautiful and modern sewing pattern books out there. In particular is a small but growing selection of Japanese sewing books published in English. As you would expect, they are a stunning collection with exquisite styling, so distinctly un-European in the shapes and lines; and well-considered detail. After a […]

Strawberries and icecream

Enjoying other people’s drawings in an art school. Found a rose on the pavement outside a florist’s, then tried to plan my life over coffee and carrot cake. Garden strawberries and ice cream with my grandparents Took my bike to my place on public transport. (Not fun at all!) Trying to do something with my […]

Cornflowers and poppies

Oh, hello July! Seems the summer’s landed, and I’m certainly pleased about that. Today Hannah came round with her accordion. It’s such an interesting instrument, like a cross between a wheezy lung, a harmonica, a wind-up music box, and a piano. I had never really thought about how they worked before. F. had lots of fun […]